Fein 72293768090 Top (2013) Kit MultiMaster Oscillating Multi-Tool Review


Pros & Cons:
If you look back you will find Fein came up with this type of tool in 1968 for the medical field. Now it has expanded into other fields, and the versatility of this oscillating tool has no boundaries. With 140 years of fine engineering behind it the quality is second to none.

Wilhelm Fein started the Fein Company in 1867, over 140 years of inovations the company still thrives and makes quality products. The Fein 72293768090 Top (2013) Kit MultiMaster Oscillating Multi-Tool is the new oscillating tool they have designed, and it is a dandy.

The Fein MultiMaster differs itself from the field of oscillating tools with a high powered 250 watt motor, a quick change system for easy removal of all your accessories, a well-made ergonomic tool that has low vibration and a plethora of accessories that is unmatched in the market.

The 2013 updated kit now includes more accessories that will help do more jobs around the house or in your business. This Kit now includes: 1 Fein MultiMaster Quick- IN tool, 1 carrying case, 1 triangle sanding pad, 5 sheets each sandpaper(60,80, 120, 180), 160 long life blade, 161 long life blade – Life extended up to three times compared "standard" E-CUT saw blades and produce no smoke in use- even longer compared to competitive E-CUT blades 1 Larger Segment Carbide blade- increased from 2 ½ in to 3 9/16 in, allows faster work and longer life, 1 segmented hss blade, 1 Longer Scraper Blade- 1-1/16in. longer blade significantly improves work speed

The new tool features a convenient, tool free accessory change, using the QuickIN rapid change system. Also 8 point tool mounting for outstanding torque transfer. Electronic speed control. Wide selection of accessories available for all applications. High quality case and full range of accessories for (almost) all applications are included in the price. Integrated interface for mounting additional system accessories. High performance 250 Watt motor. Softgrip zone provides optimal handling.

The universal system for interior construction and renovation with a comprehensive range of accessories, including extensive sanding and dust extraction accessories, for outstanding versatility. Highest quality and stability due to metal gear case, consistent use of ball or needle bearings and a motor designed for continuous use.

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Fein 72293768090 Top (2013) Kit MultiMaster Oscillating Multi-Tool Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating